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Turkish winter traditions

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    Turkish winter traditions

    Turkey has a reach history, with this much history, comes a lot of traditions and festivals. Winter in Turkey can be a special experience, especially if you participate in traditions and are aware of them. Turkish traditions for winter can be surely interesting.

    Lighting fires
    In smaller towns and villages people use traditional wood stoves known as Soba. This stove serves two purposes, it heats the place and has a cooking compartment.
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    Turks love sitting by soba, but still they like to light bonfires as well. Even in Istanbul itself, you can see fires being lit in barrels next to street. Nothing beats the experience of smelling burning wood in the morning when you leave your house.

    Roasting chestnuts
    I was so confused when i saw street vendors smoking and roasting this ball looking thing basically everywhere. I asked around and discovered that they are roasting chestnuts. Traditionally though, chestnuts are roasted on a pan on top of the aforementioned soba, after their skins are slightly sliced, which means you can see and feel the texture of the nut inside as it starts to take on its signature hearty and nutty aroma. I never tried them because people I asked told me that they don't have a good taste! but they might be wrong.

    Eating nuts and seeds
    Roasted or toasted or raw, Turks love to munch on nuts on winter. you can see people nibbling on sunflower and pumpkin seeds outside in winter. Also, a bag of nuts may be gifted to guests!

    Drinking Sahlep
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    Lemonade might rule summer, but in winter, especially in Turkey, the drink of the season is Sahlep. Traditionally prepared from the tuberous roots of orchids, sahlep has a creamy thick consistency and is sweet in taste, served with sprinkled cinnamon on top. A scoop of ice-cream can be served with a cup of Sahlep too.

    Drinking Boza
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    Boza is a drink prepared from fermented grains, wheat and millet. it is served with cinnamon on top. Traditionally, if you live in upper floors, you send a basket down on a rope to the boza seller and they fill it up ad you bring it up!

    Going to a Turkish bath

    what else is better in winter than a steaming relaxing Turkish bath? you can enjoy the services of a nice bath and come out a new man! although you must know how to behave in a Turkish bath first. Turkish baths aside, people of Turkey also enjoy going to thermal springs and spas.

    Winter leisure activities
    There are several activities that people in Turkey traditionally enjoy in winter.
    They play Tavla for example. what is tavla? its backgammon! you can see lots of people play tavla in parks or next to their shops when things are slow.
    Another winter activity for Turks is fishing! Fishing in winter is one of the main pastimes for people of Turkey.
    Even in Winter, there are some warmer sunny days when you are in Turkey. people usually seek sunshine by going for a walk alongside the beach.