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Where to learn Turkish for free?

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    Where to learn Turkish for free?

    when you are moving to a non English speaking country, it is important to their language. Chances of running into someone who knows English turns slim the more east you move. Not only learning the local language is important for your short term needs, it is also a way for you to assimilate in your new country in the long run. Trust me, when people of Turkey see a foreigner communicate with them in Turkish, their respect and hospitality for you goes through the roof. You get more discounts, suddenly food portions in restaurants get larger, and you will make friends easier. So, where can you learn Turkish for free?
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    Writing about Turkey, so far, I have learned one thing: Turkish people have a strong sense of national identity. People of Turkey put a lot of emphasis on their origins, national heroes and language. For you to live there, you have to become on of them, or at least be sensible enough to respect their culture and not openly criticize it. One way to do that is to learn the Turkish language. There are Turkish language classes in every major city. But they cost money, and time. For example, Istanbul municipality often holds classes to train people in different skills. But the wait list for these free and amazing classes can be a long one. There are TÖMER classes as well, but they are not free. There are mobile applications to learn Turkish as well, but they might not be your cup of tea.

    So, how can you get a basic understanding of Turkish for free on your own time? That where YEE can help.
    Yunus Emre Institute or YEE is dedicated to help people learn Turkish and spread the Turkish culture through out the world. YEE, aims to contribute to international dialogue by introducing Turkish culture, language and art, today serves with a total of 80 centers in 46 different countries. YEE can help you learn Turkish before arriving in Turkey and start your life or higher education. YEE aims to expand their Turkish language centers to 100 in 2023 and reach 1 million people in different countries. YEE states that 250,000 people have learned Turkish remotely in 2022 with their program.

    You can visit YEE's website and check their online and free courses for your self. See if its worth the hype they are giving it.