If you go to a supermarket in Turkey, you'll notice a wide selection of cheeses. From imported cheeses like Gouda and parmesan to Turkish cheeses. However, when it comes to Turkish cheeses it can get confusing if you dont know what you are looking for. There are the obvious choices like cream cheese or feta that the taste is kinda universal, to lesser known cheeses for foreigners like Tulum, Kasseri and more.

Feta cheese
What is called feta cheese by many, the kind of cheese that crumbles and is salty, is known as white cheese or Beyaz Peynir in Turkish. So, while most shops will know what you mean if you say feta, its a good idea to know the Turkish word for it as well.

Ezine feta cheese
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This cheese has many variations so it can be hard to choose from. It has non-matured curds to matured ones, soft or solid, bland or salty. It can be made with sheep, cow, goat milk or a mixture of them. One of the tastiest variations is ezine white cheese. It is flavorful and rich, making it the perfect Meze. In turkey, it is served with melon and watermelon.

Kasseri cheese
Kaşar is the Turkish name for Kasseri cheese. This one, after feta, is the most popular cheese in Turkey. It comes in two variations: the old “eski kaşar” and the fresh “taze kaşar”. The fresh variation is ready to be consumed after making it. The old kasseri is aged at least for half a year and it might resemble soft parmesan. The fresh kasseri is used on grilled sandwiches in Turkey.

Tulum cheese
Tulum means casing in Turkish, and referred to any cheese aged in a bag made of goat skin. Depending on the region, the taste of Tulum cheese might differ. So, tulum from one shop can be very different from the other one despite the fact that they are sold under the same name. Since tulum is an aged cheese, is will have a strong taste. The Izmir variation is a nice of to go for. It is less crumbly and more decadent than white cheese, yet not as hard as eski kaşar. Bergama Tulum is sometimes referred to as Turkish parmesan. so it can be nice to try as well. Erzincan Tulum is unlike the others as it is very soft and is made from goat milk.

Lor cheese
Lor cheese has a very subtle taste, almost no salt or flavor. Lor is used in pastries and Borek. People put seasonings on it such as salt and pepper, and eat it as is. In restaurants it is listed as Peynir, which might be confused with white cheese, but if you order a food with Peynir in it, and it comes out bland, that's because they used Lor cheese.