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You can no longer park you caravan in Antalya streets

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    You can no longer park you caravan in Antalya streets

    Many people enjoy the caravan life. they hit the road and enjoy the beautiful scenery that the countries have to offer. Same thing is true in Turkey as well. Turkey has beautiful cities and roads, and this means caravans will want to visit and stay a while. However, Antalya disagrees with this life style apparently.
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    Antalya is fed up with people who come to its beaches with caravans and make the beautiful sights ugly. Not only they disturb the view of the beautiful city, they apparently cause traffic problems as well. The number of people using caravans in Antalya has been on the rise following the pandemic. With the increase, especially in the Konyaaltı district, the streets near the beach are covered with parked caravans. While some people started to live in caravans permanently after the exorbitant increase in rents, others use them for long-term vacations.

    To solve this issue, the officials started to build a caravan park nearby in Arapsuyu neighborhood. Although the project is not finished yet, officials already banned caravans from parking on the streets. The caravan park has the capacity for 50 vehicles, however, caravan people say that there are more than 50 already parked near the beaches. so they are demanding a bigger caravan park. Will antalya see to these demands or not remains to be seen.