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Discover the most amazing Canyon in Antalya: Göynük Canyon

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    Discover the most amazing Canyon in Antalya: Göynük Canyon

    Nestled in the heart of Antalya's picturesque Kemer district lies Göynük Canyon, a refreshing oasis that beckons to tourists, both local and international, seeking relief from the scorching heat and oppressive humidity.
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    This enchanting canyon, which houses a significant portion of the historic Lycian Way, draws approximately 1,500 visitors daily, as reported by Anadolu Agency (AA) recently.

    Amidst the relentless heat, occasionally reaching a sweltering 44 degrees Celsius (111.2 degrees Fahrenheit), visitors gingerly traverse the canyon's edge, captivated by the vibrant blue waters that greet them with every step. Upon entering this natural wonderland, a plethora of thrilling activities awaits, including exhilarating rides on safari vehicles.

    Renowned as one of the world's premier trekking destinations, the canyon attracts a diverse array of domestic and international tourists who navigate its 800-meter (2,624.67-feet) long trail, either by boat or by clinging to ropes.

    In this immersion into nature, tourists revel in the region's breathtaking landscape and have the opportunity to swim among fish in the cool, 10 to 20-degree Celsius waters during the summer months.

    After conquering challenging sections of the route, featuring a dynamic blend of swimming, hiking, and rock-climbing, those who reach the waterfall find themselves immersed in its beauty, capturing photos and cooling off in the refreshing cascades.

    For many, the allure of a boat tour proves irresistible. Guided by professional experts, visitors also explore the canyon on nature walks, walking among pine trees from elevated heights and experiencing thrilling zip lines.

    Cengiz Kısır, who came all the way from Germany for a vacation, shared his experience: "We've been vacationing in Kemer for a week and decided to visit the canyon based on recommendations. We came with a group of 17 people. The canyon is remarkably cool, and we are thoroughly satisfied. It's a place that everyone should experience, and I highly recommend it."

    Bülent Baç, traveling from Sakarya's Adapazarı, expressed his admiration for the region, saying, "We are extremely pleased with our choice to visit. We swam to a specific location and crossed over rocks. The lack of humidity here is a welcome relief from the scorching heat."

    Another visitor, Emrah Aytekin, who embarked on his vacation from Istanbul with his family, shared his enthusiasm: "Outside, it's unbearably hot, and every breath feels strenuous, but here, tranquility and beauty reign supreme. It's truly an intriguing place."

    The site manager, Doğukan Ak, highlighted that since 2009, the number of visitors to the canyon has consistently grown by approximately 25% each year.

    Emphasizing that the canyon spans around 3,000 acres of natural parkland, Ak added, "Geologically, it's a natural wonder. Thanks to its location, the climate is cool, breezy, and low in humidity, which is a stark contrast to Antalya's usual climate. We offer a wide range of activities within the canyon, and being athletic is not a prerequisite for participation. We cater to all age groups, from 7 to 70."

    Ak projected that this year's visitor count would surpass the impressive 160,000 from the previous year, aiming to reach beyond 200,000.

    "In addition to visitors from our own country, tourists are coming from various other nations, particularly from Europe, Russia, and Turkic states. We host around 1,500 visitors daily," he concluded.

    Essential Information
    • Location: Göynük Canyon is situated in the Kemer district of Antalya, Turkey.
    • Activities: Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, including trekking, swimming, rock climbing, boat tours, nature walks, and zip-lining.
    • Climate: The canyon offers a cool and breezy escape from the scorching temperatures, with low humidity compared to the rest of Antalya.