Domestic violence is a serious issue regardless of gender. For now, lets focus on domestic violence against women. Nearly 9,000 women in Turkey are officially supported by the police. According to the Turkish Ministry of Women and Family, there are currently 8,908 women in Turkey living under the direct protection of the police and under the protection of the police.
The city of Adana has the most number of these cases, followed by Izmir and Kayseri.

Turkey passed the law on the protection of women's rights in 2004. These laws are mostly to protect women against their abusive partners. Previous laws often protected the abusive men. for example, under the previous laws, if a man married a woman he had raped, he was exempt from punishment!!!
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The Turkish minister of women and family affairs, Ms. Fatemeh şahin passed a law after he appointment which increased the punishment for violent men and women. Last year, she also spoke about a plan to prevent domestic violence in Turkey and a related project called the Center for Prevention of Violence and Electronic Prosecution, which has been piloted in Adana and Bursa. According to the minister, this system is based on tracking down men who commit violence against their wives, and this system will play a more deterrent role in Turkish society.

Turkey is planning to increase the women shelters and anti-violence centers to 400.
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According to the statistics provided, in 2021, more than 256,000 women, 23,000 men and 17,000 children will benefit from the services of domestic violence prevention centers in different provinces of Turkey.
These centers provide services such as psychological and counseling assistance, a women's shelter, and domestic violence prevention services to citizens.
At least one domestic violence prevention center in all Turkish provinces now provides services to vulnerable groups.
These centers provide 24-hour services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Those who suffer from domestic violence can call 183 and use the services of this center.