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Public Transportation in Ankara, Turkey

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    Public Transportation in Ankara, Turkey

    Ankara is the capital and second largest city of Turkey after Istanbul, a city with a history of two thousand years, which today has become one of the most modern capitals in the world.
    In Ankara you can travel by metro, bus, taxi and dolmus, almost all means of transport in Ankara are of acceptable quality, but one of the best means of transport in this city is the metro, which is both high speed and you do not have to endure traffic to reach your destination.

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    The bus is one of the cheapest means of public transport in Ankara, but it gets very crowded during rush hour. In Ankara, there are two types of buses that run around the city and serve people: municipal and government buses, known as "municipality buses". These buses are dark red, blue or dark blue throughout the city. To get on the bus, you need to get an electronic ticket and with each ticket you can have 5 trips within the city.
    The second type of bus, known as the Hulk, is privately owned and is green and blue. You do not need to buy an electronic ticket to get on, only cash is accepted on private buses. The cost of these buses is the same as public buses and the only difference is in the interior of the bus. Some private buses are of much better quality than public buses.

    Ankara Metro has six active lines and is 23 km long in total. To use the subway, you need to get an electronic ticket. Subway in Ankara provides services till the late hours of the night!

    Dolmus is a type of minibus that operates in Turkey and travels in certain directions. The Dolmus move in different directions and you can get off anywhere you want; Also, the dolmus's fare is cheap!If you are unfamiliar with Ankara, tell the driver where you are going when you get on the duolmus. The person sitting in front of Dolmus collects the fare and there are no electronic tickets available for Dolmus. The price of Dolmus fare varies depending on the distance you travel, but in general, it is cheaper than the rest.

    Taxis are available almost everywhere in Ankara and are yellow. All licensed taxis in Turkey and Ankara use the letter T throughout the city. Taxi fare is calculated with a meter and the fare is different day and night.
    If you do not speak Turkish and the taxi driver does not speak English, it is better to remember the following sentences to use if necessary:
    • Turn off the music: muzigi kapatın
    • Close the window: camı kapatın
    • Open the window: camı açın
    • Stop here: burada durum
    • Turn on the taximeter: taksimetreyi çalıştırın
    • Please wait: lütfen bekleyin
    Suburban trains
    Suburban trains are one of the best options for long-distance routes. One of the cheapest and fastest ways to travel long distances is by suburban train. Tickets for these trains must be purchased from special stations for suburban trains, and sometimes this ticket includes a monthly discount.