Hepsiburada is one of the most popular online shopping websites in Turkey. Hepsiburada means "everything is here" in english. This website which was launched in 1998 is known for offering e-commerce and is one of the largest online shop sites in Turkey. Today, this website has over 7 million customers. This site offers all products including home appliances, electronics, women's, men's and children's clothing, mobile phones, cameras, game consoles, sports and training accessories, health and beauty products and books, etc.

How to shop from Hepsiburada?
First things first, you need to go to Hepsiburada website and select your desired product.
برای بزرگتر شدن عکس روی آن کلیک کنید

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After clicking on your desired item, you'll be taken to the page of that item to see more details and features of the product. Here, as you can see in the picture, all the features and specifications related to the product of your choice appear, and if after studying them, you want to buy that product, add it to your shopping cart by selecting the Septe Ekle option.
برای بزرگتر شدن عکس روی آن کلیک کنید

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You can see all the items you selected in your shopping cart. To continue your purchase, you have to click on the alışveriş tamamla.
برای بزرگتر شدن عکس روی آن کلیک کنید

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You'll be asked to provide your information such as address, telephone, etc to complete your purchase on the next page. After which you'll be redirected to the payment page.

  • You can pay with any Turkish bank accounts or Visa or Master card.
  • Adding the product to the shopping card does not mean that it is reserved for you! if you want it, finish your order immediately
  • Like any other online shopping, be sure to pay attention to the reviews or comments left by other users, as well as the rating of the store you are ordering from.
Hepsiburada also offers a premium service known as Hepsi jet. By using this service, not only you receive your products faster, but also if you want to return any products, they will take care of it for you. if you do not have this service, you have to return the items to one of the cargo centers yourself.