Turkey is a vast country with many different cities and attractions. Mardin Province is located in Turkey. With a mix of different religions and cultures and a long history, this province is a valuable destination for tourists.
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Madrin is located in the Asian side of Turkey. The population of Mardin province is 800 thousand people and its area is about 8.9 thousand square kilometers. The inhabitants of this province are Sunnis, Shiites and Christians and include Kurds, Arabs and Assyrians. The people of Mardin speak both Turkish and Kurdish.

In 1517, Mardin joined the Ottoman Empire. During World War I, Mardin, along with some other regions in eastern Turkey, northeastern Syria, northern Iraq, and northwestern Iran, suffered the genocide of the Armenians, the genocide of the Assyrians, and the genocide of the Greeks. Unfortunately, the Armenians, Catholics and Assyrians who failed to escape perished in these genocides. In 1923, after the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, this province remained part of Turkey.
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The climate of Mardin province is warm and temperate. It has hot, dry summers and cold, humid winters. Most rainfall occurs in the colder seasons, and snowfall usually occurs between December and March. The average temperature during the year varies from 10 to 22 degrees Celsius.
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Mardin Airport is located 20 km southeast of Mardin and has flights to / from Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. The nearest train station to Mardin is in the town of Ghazi Aintab, 300 km to the west, and the town of Batman, 100 km to the north. For commuting from the suburbs to the old town, minibuses provide good services, and there are no vehicles available to get around the old town due to the narrowness and winding alleys.

The most important cities of Mardin province are Mardin and Midyat.
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The old town of Midyat is another attraction of Mardin province. Mediat is located 50 km from the center of the province and attracts many tourists with its narrow alleys, old houses, mosques and historic monasteries. In this city, you can touch history and visit the old bazaar of the city to prepare media handicrafts.
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If you are into middle eastern looking cities, I guess Mardin could be the perfect destination for you this year.