Izmir is located in the western side of Turkey and shares a coastline with the Aegean sea. Izmir is the 3rd populated city in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara. Therefor, it is appropriate that Izmir, with a population between 3-4 million, should have a Metro system.
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Izmir's metro system currently have only 17 operational stations which extends 20 kilometers. Good news is that Izmir is working on expanding the Metro system .

Izmir metro route begins in the northeast of the city at Evka station, moves south of the Gulf of Izmir and ends at Fahrettin Altay station. The most important stations in Izmir metro system are Evka 3, Ege University and Bornova stations. It goes without saying that most of the stations have separate platforms that can be boarded from both directions. Exceptions are : Bornova, Bolge, Sanayi, Basmane, Cankaya and Konak stations.

Metro stations in Izmir all very well connected to other public transportation systems. You can easily access busses and Izmir's light rail system. You can also access ferries and long distance trains.

Schedule and frequency of Izmir Metro system

Izmir Metro system, having only one line, operates from 6 am to 12:20 am. The frequency of Izmir Metro system depends on the day of the week. On weekdays trains arrive 7-5 minutes between 6 and 7 am, and every 3-5 minutes from 7 to 9 am. from 9 am to 8 pm they arrive every 4 minutes. metro arrives every 7-5 minutes from 8 pm to 12:20 am. This frequency is reduced on the weekends.

What is the price of ticket for Izmir Metro

Izmir Metros basic ticket price is 3 liras. This ticket allows you to transfer within 90 minutes of entering the metro. This price is different for students and elderly (1.80 liras) and professors (2.5 liras). you can also buy a 3 trip ticket (11 liras) and 10 trip tickets (32 liras)

I should mention that Metro signs in Izmir are all in Turkish, so learning some basic vocabulary might be a good idea.
You can download Izmir metro map 2022 From below: