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Healthy Turkish lifestyle to live by

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    Healthy Turkish lifestyle to live by

    Every nation have their own lifestyle, some are healthy, some like Burger land habits, not so much! Turks have some habits and lifestyle that are beneficial and healthy.
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    Buying fresh bread

    Many individuals and households in Turkey wake up early in the morning, go to the bakery, stand in line and buy a fresh loaf of bread for their breakfast. In each neighborhood there are usually several bread shops to accommodate this lifestyle. In the past, the doorman of the buildings was in charge of purchasing the bread for the building!

    Eating together

    You are all familiar with Turkish breakfast! That lavish giant breakfast for sure is not for 1 person. the purpose is to gather your family or friends and have a dish together. Turks like to eat every meal with people. For them, eating dinner together as a family is a norm and there will most likely be at least three or more dishes prepared that are shared. They also tend to eat slow, especially when they go out to dinner, and can wile away over tiny plates of mezes for hours.

    don't forget Seeds, Nuts and Fruits

    The benefits of consuming nuts are clear these days. not only they are delicious, but also they are packed with minerals, oils and vitamins that your body can benefit from. Turks love their nuts! you can see Turkish people on bench parks even eating and cracking at nuts and fruits.

    Weight obsession in Turkey

    Well, I cant personally say that this is beneficial or good! BUT don't be surprised if you see Turks openly commenting about your weight! whether you gain or lose weight, it will be mentioned directly to your face! I guess this will keep them on the healthier side. but we all know what mental issues these comments can lead to.

    Turkish life style is also about keeping your house tidy, Drinking tea all day long, Playing games and Dancing.

    Keeping your house tidy is very important to Turkish lifestyle. that's why you should take your shoes off whenever you enter a house, wash your hands before eating, and wearing cologne and perfume.

    As a tea addict myself, I love that in Turkey you can get tea anywhere! indoors and outdoors, from street vendors to coffee shops! But beware that Turkish tea is very strong!

    Playing games is important whether you are young or old! you can see people in Turkey playing games in parks as well! Backgammon is an inseparable part of Turkish lifestyle.

    Many Turks will instantaneously break into a dance when the opportunity arises. They are also especially famous for suddenly starting to create a "Halay," a chain of people holding hands or fingers, linking their arms, or wrapping their arms over each other's shoulders.
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