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New neighborhood restrictions for getting residence permit in Turkey

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  • Castiel
    10 new neighborhoods have been added to the list
    • Fatih
    • Esenyurt
    • küçükçekmece
    • Başakşehir
    • Bağcılar
    • Avcılar
    • Bahçelievler
    • Sultangazi
    • esenler
    • Zeytinburnu

    these restrictions include the whole neighborhood not just parts of it.

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  • New neighborhood restrictions for getting residence permit in Turkey

    Turkey is making it harder for foreigners to move to Turkey. Not so long ago, all you had to do to get your residence permit was rent a place in Turkey, and boom! you would get your kimlik card. However, nowadays you can no longer do this with such an ease in 2022. Turkey announced that tourist visas will no longer be renewed after 6 months. Also, Turkey placed some neighborhoods in major cities off limits. meaning your visa application would no longer be processed if you had rented a place in these neighborhoods. As per its new policies, Turkey has extended these forbidden neighborhoods unfortunately.

    So, what does it mean for you?

    Well, If it is your first time applying for the residency permit via renting a place, it means that you should go somewhere else to rent. there is no way for your application to be accepted if you live in these neighborhoods.

    However, if you already live in these neighborhoods already, it is not so clear cut what happens. so far, the ministry didn't announce any plans for foreigners who live in these neighborhoods. So, if its time for you to renew your Kimlik card, you are most likely gonna be ok. However, with Turkey being how it is these days, maybe you should also think of a backup plan if they decided to give you the shaft.

    You can see the full list of the restricted neighborhoods for getting a residence permit in 2022 here:

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