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What is Turkish blue diploma or mavi diploma?

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    What is Turkish blue diploma or mavi diploma?

    A blue diploma is one of the types of documents given to students by the university upon graduation.
    People who have this degree can continue their studies in all the universities of the world, including EU universities.
    As a result, if you choose one of the universities offering this degree to study, you can have more chances to continue your studies and get a job in one of the European countries.
    With this degree, you can bring your bachelor's and master's degree to the international level and find better job positions. In order for a university to be able to offer this degree, it needs to meet higher education standards. Also, the university should have a multinational and multilingual education system.
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    Conditions for obtaining a blue diploma for students

    1. Students must have passed the quorum during all years of study.
    2. Students must have passed all theoretical, practical, internship, etc. units and not have any unfinished units.
    3. The most important criterion is to finish all the course units in the desired field without delay and extra years on the organization.

    What fields of study are eligible for blue diplomas?

    A blue diploma is a certificate given to students by the university, that's why it has nothing to do with their field of study and it is enough to study in one of the universities that offer this degree. Also, in your field of study, you must get good grades in all exams and semester-long activities and all tests and practical and theoretical units.

    What are the benefits of having a blue diploma?

    1. The possibility of continuing education in all European countries and other countries that accept this degree.
    2. The possibility of finding a job better and faster than other people
    3. Validity of the educational degree at the international level and compliance with the standards of the European Union countries
    4. Facilitation of immigration to European countries

    In which countries is the blue diploma accepted?

    After graduating in Turkey, students can present this certificate to all EU member states for admission to universities. Of course, some of these countries require other documents from students for admission along with this document.

    Is the blue diploma of graduates from other countries accepted in Turkey?

    As you know, the main use of this degree is to equate education and obtain employment permits among different countries. For people who got their degree in other countries and intend to present their degree to Turkey, their field of study is important. For example, graduates of the fields of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy participate in a level determination test after registering their application in the YOK organization in order to equalize their degree and get a certificate. Because these people's work is closely related to people's health, the commission first considers their basic education level, and if they are accepted, they are given an equivalent degree or diploma. Also, in order to equate degrees from universities approved by the YOK organization, students must participate in the OSYM exam and score at least 40 out of 100.

    Blue diploma for associate students

    People who are studying in the associate degree, if the university they are studying in is able to provide a blue diploma, they can get this degree, but because there is usually no associate degree equivalent in the universities of European countries, it is not possible to use this degree. However, if they continue and obtain their BA, then they can use their blue diploma.

    Is a blue diploma offered in Cyprus universities?
    Cyprus universities also offer blue diplomas. The American University of Girne in Cyprus offers a Blue Diploma. Also, the certificate given in Cyprus, if it is presented according to the educational laws of the Republic of Turkey for TC citizens, does not need to be equated and is accepted in Turkey.

    Finally, after choosing the university of your choice, you can receive comprehensive and complete information from the university officials regarding the details of obtaining a blue diploma and equivalency of your degree.
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