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How to rent a place in Turkey?

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    How to rent a place in Turkey?

    Looking for a new place can be a stressful experience, especially in a foreign country that you may or may not fully understand the language. There are questions that might be on your mind like where to rent from? what questions to ask? things to look out for?

    How to find a place to rent from?

    Like many things these days, internet can be your friend when you want to rent a place in Turkey. There is a website in Turkey that you can almost find anything on. sahibinden is that website. There are many for rent ads on this website. However, you may want to look for rent ads posted directly by the owner of the property as it will save you from dealing with real estate agents (emlakçı). Unfortunately, many real estate agents pose as home owners on the website to fool you.

    You can also skip the website altogether and go on the street and look for real estate agents yourself! Some local shops or Bakkals may have some information for you as well. If you are going to live in a smaller city or village, the village's Muhtar or representative will help you out.

    Things to ask from your landlord:

    The renting culture in Turkey might be different from where you come from. In Turkey, previous tenants will leave the stuff they don't want anymore behind, so its more than likely that you find the house to be a mess.
    You should ask about: whether or not there is a fresh coat of paint. (if not, negotiate a lower rent). Ask about the maintenance costs. Ask about the annual rent increase (is determined by the government each year, but you should still ask).
    You should check for: if there is a landline, the reception of your cellphone, if the place had mold before, water pressure, the presence of backup water tanks.

    Are there any hidden fees when you are renting a place in Turkey?
    Yes. These extra fees include:
    Deposit: this will be equal to 1 month rent.
    Finder's fee and VAT: if you use a real estate agent, you have to pay 10% of the annual rent as these fees.
    Debt from previous bills: be sure the previous bills are paid for!
    Aidat: what is aidat?

    Also, keep all your paper work incase your land lord ends up being a bastard and wants to kick you out for no reason. there are laws in Turkey that will protect you if you have a notarized contract.
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