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Can foreign engineers work in Turkey?

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    Can foreign engineers work in Turkey?

    Turkey is undoubtedly one of the best countries in the region in terms of economy and domestic production, and engineers in this country can benefit from a very high income and many good benefits.
    Migrating to Turkey has countless advantages for engineers, among which one can mention fast job search, low unemployment rate, easy obtaining of permanent residency and other work benefits.
    The work permit for engineers in Turkey has its own rules, especially for the citizen of other countries without a Turkish citizenship.
    Keep in mind that citizens of other countries can work in Turkey without having a long-term residence and not being a citizen if their field of work is not in the list of prohibited jobs for foreigners in Turkey.​
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    Working conditions in Turkey for foreign engineers

    According to Law No. 6735 and Article 21 of the International Labor Law, the principles related to the work permit of engineers and architects are defined as follows:
    Foreign engineers and architects are people who have graduated in the fields of engineering and architecture.
    Of course, it is possible that these people have completed their education outside of Turkey, or that they have studied engineering in Turkey.
    Of course, keep in mind that in both cases the person is not a citizen of Turkey. Because citizens of Turkey do not need to obtain a work permit.
    • Based on Article 21, foreign architects and engineers who have university education and the universities where they study are approved by Turkey. If a person has been able to receive the title of engineer, he can work in Turkey as a project or full time by obtaining a work permit.
    • Any applicant who uses engineering in the title of his academic field and degree, such as software engineering, chemical engineering, food industry engineering, etc., must receive a confirmation and equivalence letter from YOK and also register in the relevant engineering room. You should keep in mind that if a company wants to get a work permit for foreign engineers in Turkey, it should first get an equivalent degree from yok (Turkey Higher Education Association).
    • The applicant must have at least 6 months of work experience in his field of study and in his country. That is, the documents that show that the person has experience and proficiency in the requested field.
    • The applicant must not have been fired from engineering organizations related to his field or banned from work, and show the documents that show that the person has not committed any type of violation in his field of work to the Labor and Social Affairs Department of Turkey. All these documents must contain the apostille seal of the requested city.
    • The applicant must have been officially invited to work from a company or institution related to his field of study.
    • The salary amount must be clearly specified in the contract.
    • It is mandatory to employ at least five insured Turkish engineers in the company where the person will work.
    • For a person, insurance must be rejected from the employer's side.
    • The salary of foreign engineers working in Turkey is at least 4 times the basic salary announced by the Ministry of Labor of Turkey.

    important points
    The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Turkey is in charge of issuing work permits for foreigners in Turkey.
    It is true that online registration is necessary to obtain a work permit for foreign engineers in Turkey, but it is necessary for the person to have the provided documents in writing.
    All these documents must be taken by the Turkish representative in the applicant's country and sent to Turkey through the Turkish embassy or representative. These documents must be sent to Turkey completely and without any defects, and if the forms are completely completed, the results of the examination must be announced to the person within 30 working days.
    If the documents are incomplete or the forms are not completed correctly, a letter will be sent to the person in which the person is asked to act as soon as possible to correct the deficiencies. It should be noted that the original engineering degree must be submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs.
    Engineers who have a turquoise card can work in Turkey without the conditions mentioned above.

    The job market for engineers in Turkey is completely dependent on your educational. For example, if you are a software engineer proficient in programming, you will find work easily.
    Or an IT engineer who has good expertise in the field of information technology, even if he is foreign, has a lot of fans.
    In fact, you should have something more to offer compared to Turkish engineers that will force the employer to hire you, and this issue is more relevant in fields where skill is the first word, such as computer and IT.
    Finding a suitable job is one of the most important parts of your immigration, so before taking any action, make sure that this is possible and that a good work environment is available for you​