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How to buy an Istanbul card?

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    How to buy an Istanbul card?

    In Turkey, every city has its own dedicated city card for public transport which you can use to save significant shipping costs.
    Istanbul Card is also provided for the city of Istanbul.
    Of course, the Istanbul Card functions more than a simple transportation card these days. If you travel to Istanbul, it is recommended that you get this card in the first few days because its cheaper to pay for transportation with this card.
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    With Istanbul Card you can use metro, bus, metro-bus, tram and ferry daily. You can visit museums and attractions. These days you can also pay for your purchases from many chain stores such as Migros, A101, Gatier, etc with your Istanbul card.
    To buy Istanbul Card, you can go to stalls or some stores such as Migros, as well as from special devices in metro and metro-bus stations. Of course, recently it has been possible to buy online from the Istanbul Card application and site . To buy from Istanbul Card Special Devices, select the Istanbul Card option and place the money in the specified location
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    ​​​​​​Click on (Onay) and the operation is complete and you can remove the card from the bottom of the device.

    Currently, the cost of the card is 13 lira and the rest of the money you give to the device will be charged on your card.
    To use the card, you must first connect it to your own HES code.
    When entering the subway or bus, the card must be placed in the desired location so that the screen turns green and a special beep is heard and the cost of travel is deducted from the card.
    You can also see the deducted fee and the remaining amount on the card on the screen.
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    How to charge the card?

    You can easily charge your card by going to the same devices that you bought the card in Istanbul, and by placing the card in the specified location and entering paper money from a certain place. You can not specify an amount and each amount you give to the device will be charged the same amount for you. The minimum charge amount is 5 lira. It is also possible to charge the Istanbul Card through the banking application and the Istanbul Card application itself. Istanbul card comes with new beautiful designs these days. Depending on the type of the card you choose, you can buy from stores, buy concert tickets and receive a series of rewards as well.
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