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What is a Kimlik card?

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    What is a Kimlik card?

    Kimlik card or the residence card, is one of the most important cards for permanent or temporary residence in Turkey, which you must apply after a period of 3 months of residence.
    This card is issued in two different types: permanent and temporary, and with two colors, pink and blue, each of which has special features.
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    Kimlik ‌card uses:

    Turkey has a law that allows any foreigner to stay in the country for 3 months (90 days) without the need for a visa and administrative work, and after that, you must take steps to extend your stay. So if you want to stay more than 3 months, you need a Kimlik card.
    Kimlik card, also known as Turkish residence card, is very similar to the national ID, because it is a proof of identity.
    Kimlik was issued during the Ottoman Empire and has survived to the present day, but its design is getting better and different day by day. Kimlik card is issued by the Turkish government today and people who intend to travel or stay in this country can receive it. This card has all the information of the person, even the address of his residence, and all this information is registered in the dependent and related system of these cards. The Turkish government has said that having this card does not mean having Turkish citizenship, but only for short-term or long-term residence. The interesting thing is that when you receive a Kimlik card, in addition to having a Turkish identity, you also receive a Turkish national code.

    Types of Kimlik

    Kimlik cards comes in two types of permanent and temporary.

    Temporary Kimlik
    The temporary Kimlik card is issued in two colors, pink for the tourist stay in Turkey and blue for the work stay of the applicants. These cards are issued to people applying for residence in Turkey with conditions and methods such as getting an education, Turkish language training, employment, purchase or property permit, etc. and are provided to them.

    Permanent Kimlik
    After completing the period of temporary residence and succeeding in obtaining a passport and residence in Turkey, you can apply for permanent Kimlik to be issued to you. In this case, your temporary residence card will be changed to a permanent Kimlik card.

    How to get Kimlik

    You must have the following conditions.
    • Presence in Turkey
    • Buying or renting a property in Turkey
    • Receiving insurance policies from reputable Turkish insurance companies
    • Register on the website of the Turkish Immigration Office in order to receive an interview or
    a Turkish rendezvous.
    If you follow these 4, you have the conditions to obtain a Turkish Kimlik card.

    Here is How to get one year residence in turkey by renting a place

    Advantages of having a Kimilik card

    IF you dont have a Kimlik card, you cant receive many services in Turkey. This card is used in:
    Connecting to a bank and the possibility of opening a bank account, paying bills and knowing the amount of debts, buying a car, finding a job, renting or buying a property in Turkey, registering a company, participating in training courses, using family doctor centers for free, etc. It is one of the features and benefits of Kimlik.

    Losing your Kimlik Card

    Just like any other card, you might lose your Kimlik or it might get stolen. In these cases, the first thing to do is to go to the nearest police station where you report it being stolen or missing.
    Here is what to do if you lost your residence card in Turkey

    The meaning of the letters in parentheses on the back of the Turkish Kimlik card:

    These letters indicate the purpose of the residence permit.

    1. A) Those who come to Turkey for scientific research
    2. B) Those who own real estate in Turkey, in simple terms Properties from residential to commercial and….
    3. C) Those who will establish a business or trade relationship
    4. ç) Those who will participate in in-service training courses
    5. D) Those who come for educational or similar purposes within the framework of agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party or student exchange programs
    6. E) Those who will stay for tourism purposes
    7. F) Medical stay provided they do not have one of the diseases Which is considered a threat to public health
    8. G) Those who need to reside in Turkey at the request or decision of judicial or administrative authorities
    9. 2) Those who have changed from a family residence permit to a short-term residence permit
    10. H) In Turkish language courses will be attended
    11. I) Those who will participate in education, research, internships and training courses in Turkey through government institutions
    12. i) Those who have completed their higher education in Turkey and within six Month from the date of graduation