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Scariest Turkish mythical creatures

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    Scariest Turkish mythical creatures

    Halloween is near, and the time of monsters is nigh! At every corner of Istanbul you can hear a whisper of "boo" when you walk late at night. Turkish mythical creatures might pierce the veil and come for a visit if you are unlucky enough. some of these mythical creatures are straight up evil! Some are pure scary, and some are just myths. Mythical creatures and stories are an important part of every civilization, carrying their culture and tradition into the future. So, lets keep the scariest turkish mythical creatures alive by remembering them this month.

    Aldacı Han and Spirits Day
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    It is said that aldaci han has been sent by the god of underworld, Erlik han! aldaci han is basically the angel of death in Turkic mythology. he is in charge of collecting the souls of the dead when their time is up. Aldacı Han is depicted as a strong and well-built man, dressed in black, who rides a black horse. If your house is visited by aldaci han, you can not take anything out of the house for 40 days! it used to be believed that evil spirits under the command of Aldacı Han roam the house for 40 days. When this period was over, Üzüt Bayram, also known as Spirits Day, used to be celebrated by the relatives of the deceased.

    Alkarısı : baby liver eater
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    She is the evil woman dressed in red! this ugly evil, sometimes lewd and seductive creature hunts pregnant woman or children and eat the livers of the babies. if she is in the mood for it, she might even take the liver of a birthing mother. om nom nom


    this demon of the forest ahs fingernails made of iron and might hunt you when you enter her forests. she has one weakness though: water! so if she is hunting you, best to run to the nearest source of water, or you know, splash her with your bottled water.

    Erbörü and the İtbarak People

    it is the Turkish werewolf. It is derived from the word “er” meaning man and “börü” meaning wolf in Old Turkic language. Another creature resembling werewolves called Erbörü are the people of İtbarak. According to legends, İtbarak is the name of a dog-headed people living in the dark lands of Northwest Asia. Beyond this region is the realm of strange non-human creatures.


    This is a forest spirit in Turkic mythology. Arçura might appear as tall as a tree, or as short as a grass depending on what source you rely on. but one thing is for sure! it will kill you!!! how? its funny. it will tickle you to death. of course, you can stop him with water.

    When you are walking alone somewhere, you might be fooled by Azmıç: The Spirit that Misleads People! This one will take the form of someone you know, and lead you to your death!

    of course, Turkish mythology also has zombies or Hortlak! A hortlak is a person who emerges from the tomb, usually shortly after burial, before the corpse has yet turned into a skeleton. It is said that those who do evil in this world and do not deserve to go to heaven can turn into a hortlak after burial. A hortlak can walk, run, and ride just like an ordinary person. In this respect, they differ from zombies. In some regions, it is believed that they drink blood like vampires.

    Turkish vampires are also a thing! Ubır is a hungry monster! if you are a witch, or a sinner, you will be turned into Ubır when you die. you can stop an Ubır by opening his grave, and hammer iron nails into its coffin. Ubır is always hungry and is looking for something to eat. from clouds to you, nothing can quench its hunger.