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How to behave in a Turkish bath?

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    How to behave in a Turkish bath?

    Turkish baths or Hamam are very famous and attractive to tourists. Hamam is the ottoman version of the steam bath. It is used for relaxation, rejuvenation, and self care. You might want to try a Turkish bath for yourself. but before you do, you might want to know a thing or two about Turkish baths. Specially how to behave in a Turkish bath.
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    How hot is a Turkish bath?
    There is no better season for trying a warm Turkish bath than right now. the weather is getting cold, and a warm steamy bath might be the thing you need. The inside of a Turkish bath is hot yet bearable. Inside the Turkish baths there are sinks of cold water where you can douse yourself with cold water to bear the heat better.

    Are Turkish baths mixed?
    While the Turkish baths are used by both men and women, they are not mixed. the staff in Turkish baths are gonna be the same sex and the bathers too.

    What to wear in a Turkish bath?
    You have several options on what to wear inside the Turkish bath
    You can wear your undergarments, swimsuits, or go topless! Keep in mind that almost no one goes in the Turkish bath naked. People mostly are wrapped up in a Turkish bathing towel known as peştamal. You can also buy one of these towels as a souvenir.
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    Do you have to bring your own supplies to the Turkish bath?
    No but you should because eww. Its nice to bring your own scrub (kese) and sponge (sünger). Also bringing your own slippers might be a good idea too. Although many baths offer slippers. You might want to bring your own soap and shampoo too. bring your own towel too. (at this point bring your own bathtub too lol).

    What services do Turkish baths offer?
    The most popular service in a Turkish bath is being scrubbed. They use the Kese to scrub you nice. Although when i hear the word kese, being skinned alive rather than scrubbed comes to my mind. the custom is for you to lay on the center stone as the scrubber proceeds to rub the dead skin off of your entire body by using repetitive motions that will reveal dark rolls of skin and dirt.

    After the scrub, comes the soap massage. some venues will also offer a shampoo massage in which they rub your head as they wash it

    You should know that we are still in Corona times. So the bath will ask you to wear masks in the common waiting areas and will only admit people from the same social bubble into the washing area. Some hamams have created appointments to ensure there is no intermingling.
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