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Best Turkish desserts for winter

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    Best Turkish desserts for winter

    Turkey has many sweets and desserts. some of them are better suited for summer and warmer days, some are best enjoyed in colder months. Enjoying a rich Turkish dessert with warm delicious tea will make you forget about the winter blues. So, here are Turkish desserts that are enjoyed in winter months.
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    "kadayıf" refers to a number of Ottoman desserts that are doused in the signature sugary syrup applied to baklava. we have Ekmek kadayıf which is a bread pudding with custard at the center. Yassi kadayıf is a fried dough made with semolina, dunked in syrup and crushed nuts. Tel kadayıf is a baklava sized piece of pie.
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    Künefe is a round cheese-filled dessert enclosed in spun pastry. It is soaked in syrup and is topped with nuts like crushed pistachios.

    Höşmerim is an other cheesy dessert also known as peynir helvasi. the consistency of this turkish dessert is like a pudding. its made from unsalted cheese, semolina and sugar. you can also top it with ice cream, honey, and ground nuts.

    Helva comes in many different shapes and forms. in Turkey we have several kinds of Helva as well. irmik helvası is made from semolina, butter and milk with sugar and pine nuts. Tahin helvasi is made from tahini, flour and sugar shaped into a block.

    katmer resembles a crepe, made from thin pastry. like other Turkish desserts, its soaked in syrup and covered with ground pistachios.

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    Güllaç is mostly enjoyed during Ramadan. It is made from starch and flour with milk and rose water. they top it with pomegranate and crushed walnuts.

    Turkey also has many pudding desserts. some of the best ones to try this winter are Sütlaç is rice pudding seasoned with cinnamon vanilla and raisins. Tavuk göğsü which is made from chicken breast mixed with custard. Supangle is a chocolate pudding that has a piece of cake at the bottom of the bowl. ]

    While you are at it, you should try Aşure and Lokma as well. Aşure is known as noah's pudding too. its made of chickpeas and white beans, rice and wheat grains, then dried apricots, figs, raisins, currant, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are blended in the mix which is topped with ground pistachios and pomegranate seeds.
    Lokma is like a ball of dough that is drenched in sweet syrup. lokma might remind you of doughnuts.