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Can you have a thanksgiving dinner in Turkey?

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    Can you have a thanksgiving dinner in Turkey?

    Thanksgiving is near. If you are homesick in Turkey, you might want a nice, well, turkey to help you come over your winter blues. Can you have a traditional thanksgiving dinner while in Turkey?
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    Yes, you can have a thanksgiving dinner in Turkey, But you have to work for it!

    Where can you find turkey in Turkey?
    You can try your local butcher shop if you have the time. they sometimes accept pre orders and will bring you a Turkey if you ask them to. There might be a chance that they have turkey at big super markets like Migros and Carrefour. If you could not find it there, you surely can find some turkey sausage at least.

    Next on the list is cranberry sauce! where to buy cranberry sauce in Turkey?
    This might be even harder than turkey itself. Finding fresh cranberries is hard in Turkey. You can find the dry ones easily, but not fresh ones. you can try to find canned cranberry sauce in large shops such as Metro, Migros or Carrefour, but the chances of it is slim. maybe you can substitute it with lingonberry jam which they sell at IKEA.

    can you buy sweet potatoes in Turkey?
    Yes! this one you can find easily. although you might want to double check if you are actually buying sweet potatoes or yams as they are sold sometimes interchangeably in Turkey. Macrocenter and Metro will have what you need. you can also order them online on Getir.

    If you want some steak for thanksgiving, you can find that a lot easier than turkey in Turkey. big supermarkets have different cuts of steak available. from dry aged to fresh cuts. they say beef cuts of Turkey are not as tender as the ones in US, but they are delicious for sure.