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Labor day in Turkey

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    Labor day in Turkey

    Labor Day, also known as May Day, is observed as a public holiday in Turkey on May 1st every year. The day is a celebration of the contributions made by workers to society and the economy.
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    In Turkey, Labor Day has a long history of being associated with protests and demonstrations by workers' unions and left-wing political groups. In the past, these demonstrations were often met with police violence, and the day was marked by clashes between protesters and law enforcement.

    However, in recent years, the Turkish government has made efforts to embrace Labor Day as a national holiday and to create a more peaceful environment for celebrations. Many workers take the day off to relax with their families or to participate in community events, such as concerts and parades.

    on labor day Many workers take the day off to relax with their families or to participate in community events such as concerts, parades, or picnics. In Istanbul, for example, large crowds gather in Taksim Square, where trade unions and workers' associations hold rallies and speeches to raise awareness of workers' rights and social issues.

    In some parts of Turkey, workers also take part in symbolic protests or demonstrations, such as holding banners or wearing distinctive clothing or badges to show solidarity with workers' movements around the world.​

    This year Turkey's president Erdogan addressed the public saying that how he honors and loves labor day. He even boasted the fact that he raised the minimum wage from 184 Tl in 2002 which was 126$ to 8500 TL which is 437$ today. What he forgot to mention however was the inflation his policies have caused. even the numbers that he bragged about are enough to show how much he really honors the workers of the great nation of Turkey. ​