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Watch out for the forest fires in Turkey

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    Watch out for the forest fires in Turkey

    Summer is around the corner and with it, comes summer wildfires. Turkey has a lot of forests that can easily ignite. The forests around Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are especially susceptible. Last year, wildfires raged along the Aegean coast in destinations such as Marmaris, Köyçeğiz, Manavgat and especially in and around Bodrum. So, if you are visiting Turkey or live there, and you wanna go to a forest during summer, you have to be on the lookout.
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    What to do if you came upon wildfire in Turkey?
    You should call 112. 112 is what 911 is for the US. There is an English language option available when you call, but just incase the English speaking operator is not there that day, remember the phrase "Yagin Var" which means there is a fire. Also when you visit a jungle, remember its name.
    Next, clear the way for the firefighters. Many people would like to help when there is a fire, but the best thing you can do is to clear the path for the firefighters. It is advised that only trained firefighters tackle the issue and not citizens.

    How can you help to put out wildfires?
    Last year, people helped by providing the firefighters with cold beverages and healthy snacks instead of fighting the fire themselves. So, this year you can do the same if need be.
    A thing you should know is that the fire can be very silent! It will creep on you without you noticing, and before you know it, you might be trapped, so always stay alert.
    Have a first aid kit available with the following items: Transporter box for your animals, bag of water, snacks, towels, and swimming goggles. Why swimming goggles? to help you see in the thick smoke.
    Water down your surroundings with your water bag to stop the fire from advancing too fast on you.

    What's the best thing you can do to prevent forest fires?
    The best way to prevent forest fires is to clear the litter and unnatural debris left in forests. If we can rally ourselves and others to start picking up trash when we see it, especially glass and plastic bottles, then we are not only preventing potential forest fires, but we are also clearing the area of trash, both of which are just wonderful things to do to begin with