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What is the Disinformation law in Turkey?

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    What is the Disinformation law in Turkey?

    These days we are hearing the term fake news and false information everywhere. terms popularized by a man with itty bitty hands and a skin that could rival pumpkins on Halloween. Every country is trying to fight against the spread of false information their own way. from using independent fact checkers to placing deterrents in place. Turkey chose the latter.
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    According to the new law of disinformation, you could face jail time up to 3 years for spreading online content that contains "false information on the country’s security, public order and overall welfare in an attempt to incite panic or fear.”

    Unfortunately, censorships and jailtime are common things in authoritarian governments. and Turkey is fighting hard to be the ultimate one. The criterion for what constitutes false information is vaguely defined, giving the government free reign on what to consider false information and imprison who they deem enemy of the state.

    Reporters Without Borders’ World Press Freedom Index ranks Turkey 149th out of 180 nations, saying 90% of the national media is under state control. President... lol. Erdogan repeatedly threatened to shut down social media platforms that "personally attacked him and his family" and considers these platforms as a threat to democracy.

    For more information on where turkey is headed in the near future, please take a look at Iran right now. thanks